So Here We Are

What makes a topic relevant in mainstream culture? What makes something or someone so interesting that we consider it “newsworthy”?

When we think popular culture, we immediately think celebrity news and the latest gossip about the Kardashians. I hope to stray away from these types of discussions in my blog. I want to get a deeper understanding of everything that popular culture encompasses today. I wish to explore the reasons why a new brand relates to millennials, or how a movie simplifies a complex message. I’m interested in which television shows are creating a positive shift for marginalized communities, and what makes Lena Dunham’s newsletter a success. At the end of the day, public relations plays a major part in the execution of these strategies.

More importantly, my writing will NOT be the same embarrassing blog attempt from middle school. My goals are to remain relevant, relatable and honest.

Lastly, since I couldn’t help myself, I’ll leave you with a truly inspiring quote from Kylie Jenner’s recent interview:

“Like, I feel like every year has a new energy, and I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realizing stuff. And everyone around me, we’re all just, like, realizing things.”

Her words are pure poetry.







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